Information provided to the Review Panel

The Review Panel requested and received information from a wide variety of sources and agencies which fed into the final Report.

Review Panel received from Bay of Plenty Regional Council

The information from the Regional Council is covered in an initial report, a presentation and a series of follow-up questions and responses.

Note 1: There are minor areas of these documents that have been withheld under the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 on the basis of protecting the privacy of natural persons (section 7(2)(a) of the Act) and/or for maintaining the effective conduct of public affairs through protecting officers, employees, and persons of Council from improper pressure or harassment (section 7(2)(f)(ii) of the Act). To clarify, such redaction of names has been for the emergency response period only. Individuals acting in their official capacity outside the emergency response period have not been redacted.

Note 2: Hyperlinks in these documents do not work. These links were provided to the Review Panel for secure access to the files listed in the Reference list at pages 61-70 of the main report.. Those supporting documents are all now available on the website here

Note 3: Some of these files are very large (maps and so on) and may take some time to load.

  • Initial report provided to the Review Panel – 2 June 2017 Rangitāiki River Technical Background and Response to Edgecumbe April 2017 Flood [link]

Note the ‘Reference’ section of this report includes a number of pages of referenced documents. This Reference section has been replicated here to provide public access to these documents.